Iran Indicators

The World Bank

Income Level: Middle Upper Income

GDP (Current US$): $331,014,973,186 (2009)

GNI per Capita, Atlas Method (Current US$): $4,530 (2009)

Population: 73,864,000 (2010)

Life Expectancy at Birth: 72 years of age (2009)

Literacy Rate, Adult Total (% of people ages 15 and above): 85% (2008)

Unemployment, total (% of labor force): 10.5% (2008)

External Debt Stocks (% of total GNI): 4.1% (2009)

Improved Sanitation Facilities, urban (% of urban population with access): 86% (2000)

Merchandise Trade (% of GDP): 38.8% (2009)

The Human Development Index


Ranks at number 70 out of 169 countries in terms of most advanced in “human development,” which measures income along with other factors such as health, education, gender equality, and security.


Life Expectancy at Birth: 71.9 years of age

Expenditure on Health, Public (% of GDP): 3.0%

Under Five Mortality (Out of 1,000 live births): 32


Adult Literacy Rate (both sexes) (% aged 15 and above): 82.3%

Expenditure on education (% of GDP): 4.8%

Internet Users (per 100 people): 32

Mean Years of Schooling (of adults) (years): 7.2

Expected Years of Schooling (of children) (years): 14


Income Gini Coefficient: 38.3


Maternal Mortality Rate (deaths of women per 100,000 live births): 30

Population with at least Secondary Education (female/male ratio): 0.682

Adolescent Fertility Rate (women ages 15-19) (births per 1,000 women ages 15-19): 18.3

Shares in Parliament, female-male ratio: 0.028

Gender Inequality Index: 0.594

Human Security:

Refugees (thousands): 69.1

Unemployment Rate (% of labor force): 10.5

Homicide Rate (per 100,000): 2.9

Population affected by natural disasters (average per year, per million): 58,770


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